Irish New Brunswick Genealogies

People of Irish descent have formed a significant percentage of the population of New Brunswick for the last few centuries. In the early days of immigration to the “New World”, the Irish formed 75% of the population of New Brunswick. Over the centuries the province has continued to attract immigrants not only from Ireland but from all four corners of the world. The current estimation is that people of Irish descent in New Brunswick form approximately 38% of the citizenry.

This on-line listing contains information on over 1,500 of the first families to arrive in New Brunswick.

Part of this compilation is drawn from a larger work of some 4,000 families by Robert Fellows: A Partial Listing Of Family Histories At The Provincial Archives Of New Brunswick. The entries from this work can be identified by the Provincial Archives (PANB) reference numbers cited in the entry. To view the Introduction by Robert Fellows, describing how these records should be used and an explanation of abbreviations, please enter here.

Additional entries are the result of submissions received from individual contributors. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of these records but include contact information for the original contributor in case any questions arise.

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Idear (Adair); Ingram; Inch; Innis (Ennis); Irons; Irvin(e); Irvine; Irving; Irwin