Community Histories

Perhaps the most noticeable legacy of the Irish population in New Brunswick is the number of communities settled by them. As was common in the “new world”, Irish immigrants often used the names of their communities to remind them of their homeland. They also used them as an opportunity to make their mark on the new landscape, of which they had become an integral part, by commemorating names or events important to the new settlement.

The list of New Brunswick communities where the Irish played a significant role is a long one. Largely as a result of the efforts of Denis Noel, a member of the ICCANB, and employee of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB), information on the Irish-related communities included on this site was culled from a much larger body of work that includes over 4,000 place names. This larger body of work has been developed into an impressive virtual exhibit by the PANB: Where is Home? New Brunswick Communities Past and Present.

Over the years the information included in this exhibit was gathered, researched and compiled into databases by a number of committed individuals including W.F. Ganong, scientist and historian, Alan Rayburn, William B. Hamilton, and Robert Fellows, a long-time employee of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, as well as several other archivists who contributed supplementary research and materials.
For a complete understanding of the enormity of this effort please visit the Introduction to PANB’s comprehensive exhibit.
In this section we present the Irish-related subset of PANB’s information. The links from each community name will take you to the entry on the PANB site. In some cases only a brief description of the origins and location of the community will be included. In other cases, historical images of the community, county maps, and cadastral maps (including land grants) are also available.

Entries that have been submitted to the ICCANB as part of the development of this site, and are not part of the work of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, contain the name and contact information (where available) of the person who submitted the information.

This project will be forever ongoing and we welcome contributions to augment the material found here.

There are two ways for the researchers to use this section:

1. Communities by County (click on title to enter)
For the convenience of researchers who may be aware of the county of origin of their ancestors, or pursuing other avenues of research within the counties of New Brunswick, this section provides the Irish-related community listings broken down by county, with a notation as to the ICCANB chapter responsible for that county. Also included are essays on individual communities or on the Irish in the county as a whole.

2. Alphabetical listing of communities
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Also view the following articles for additional information about Irish-related New Brunswick Communities:

Charlotte County by Ann Breault

From Disadvantage in County Cork, Ireland to Small Industry in Gloucester County, NB – Thomas W. Riordan: Grist, Carding and Sawmills by Greg Riordan

From Glanmire, County Cork, Ireland to Glenmire, Gloucester County, NB – Is There a Connection? by Rod O’Connell

The Irish of Albert County

The Irish of Kent County

The Irish in Westmorland County

Kinsale Settlement (Now Known as North Tetagouche) by Sheila O’Kane

Military Grantees of Kent Parish, Carleton Countysubmitted by Bill Flynn

New Bandon Parish, Gloucester County and the Early Irish Families Who Settled in the Community by Irma Downing

The North Shore Irish – Irish Settlements in Gloucester & Restigouche Counties by David John Doyle

O’Neill’s Settlement by Shirley Cail

Passenger Lists of Some North Shore Irish Immigrantssubmitted by Paul Delicat

Reflections of Two Irish Communities – Pokeshaw and Black Rock by Gregory Riordan

Ryan Settlement – A Long Way From Tipperary by James M. Whalen

Tankville by Shirley Cail

Wine River: An Extractby Betty Lynch and William J. Flynn

Alphabetical Listing of Communities:
(click on the highlighted place name to go to the details)

Acton; Adair Settlement; Allison Settlement

Balla Philip; Ballyshannon; Barnaby River, Bartibog; Baskin; Bean Brook; Belledune; Birdton; Black Rock; Blaney Ridge; Boland Settlement; Boom Road, Boyne; Boyne (see also Sand Brook)

Cadman Corner; Caissie Cape; Carlingford; Campbellton (Kavanaugh); Carlow (Carleton Co.); Carlow (Queens Co); Carroll Ridge; Carrolls Crossing; Cassidy Lake; Chambers Settlement; Chapmanville; Chatham; Cheyne Settlement; Clair; Clair Parish, Claudie Settlement; Clones; Codys; Coleraine; Connell; Connors; Connorsville; Cootes Hill (or Cootehill Ridge); Cork (York County); Cork (Victoria County); Cork Station; Cornwall; Coronary Lake; Coughlan; Culligan; Culligan Siding

Dingleycooch; Dinnen Settlement; Doherty; Dohertys Mills; Donegal; Donnelly Brook; Donnelly Settlement; Dorn; Doyle Settlement; Doyles Brook; Doyleville, Dungarven Settlement; Dungiven

Ellis Brook; Emigrant Settlement; Ennishone; Ennishore; Enniskillen

Flanagan Corner

Gallagher; Gallagher Ridge; Galway-Ross Corner; Giant’s Glenn; Gillespie Settlement

Hamilton Mountain; Hampton; Hamtown Corner; Haneytown; Hanwell; Hayesville; Hibernia (Queens Co.); Hibernia (Saint John Co.); Hibernia (see Emigrant Settlement); Hibernia (Charlotte Co.); Hibernia Cove; Hibernia Settlement; Hopewell Parish; Hospital Island; Hoyt; Hurley Corner

Inchby; Innishannon Brook; Ireland; Irish River; Irish Settlement (Kings Co); Irish Settlement ( Carleton Co.); Irish Settlement (Queens Co); Irishtown (Westmorland Co); Irishtown (York Co); Irishtown Road Reservoir

Janeville; Joliffs Brook; Johnville

Kavanagh’s Point; Keenan Hill; Keenan Siding; Kelly Island; Kellys Creek; Kent Settlement; Keohan; Kerrs Ridge; Kerr Lake; Kerry (Albert Co); Kerry; Kilfoil; Killarney Road; Kinsale

Lawfield; Limestone; Lindsay; Linton; Linton; Lisson Settlement; Londonderry; Long Settlement

Magundy; Mahood Brook; Malden; Martin Siding; McCafferty Settlement; McCarthy’s Point; McCormack Cove; McCluskey Settlement; McFarlane Settlement; McKenna; McKinley Ferry; McMorris Brook; Melrose; Middle Island; Middle Simonds; Milford; Mount Theobald; Mullin Stream; Murphy Corner; Murphy Settlement

New Bandon (Gloucester Co); New Bandon (Northumberland Co.); New Bandon Parish; New Ireland (Albert Co); New Ireland (Queens Co); New Ireland (Charlotte Co); New Ireland Settlement; Newmarket; North Clones; North Tetagouche


Partridge island; Patterson (or Patterson Settlement); Phillipstown; Pokeshaw

Quigley Island

Riceville; Riley Brook; Riordon; Roach; Rooskey Lake

St. Almo; St. Bridget’s; Saint-Grégoire; Saint-Jacques; Saint John; Saint Patrick Parish; St. Margarets; Salmon Beach; Sand Brook; Seaview; Shanklin; Shannon; Shannon Brook; Shannonvale; Shinnickburn; Smith’s Creek; South Clones; Sullivan; Sullivan Road; Summer Hill; Sweeneyville

Teahan’s Corner; Thomond

Upper Wicklow; Urney

Vinegar Hill

Walker Settlement; Waterford; Waterford Parish; Waterloo Corner; Watson Settlement; Wicklow; Wicklow Parish; Woodpecker Hall


Other Community Names of Possible Irish Origin:
Annidale; Barnesville; Barryville; Calhoun; Costigan; Curryville; Darby Gillans; Dempsey Settlement; Filomarco Settlement; Fitzpatrick; Foster’s Croft; Gailey; Gillan’s Corner; Gillice Brook; Gleason Road (or Gleason Settlement); Gregan; Haggerty’s Cove; Hardingville; Hartin Settlement; Keatings Corner; McCulloughs Pond; McGinley (or McGinleys Corner); McGowans Corner; McGrath Corner; McGraw Brook; McKeaghan; McKeens Corner; McManus; McManus Siding; McNallys; McQuade; Meehans (or Meenans Corner); Morrissy (Newcastle Parish); Morrissy (Alnwick Parish); Murphy Corner; Murphy Settlement; Nelson-Miramichi; Nowlanville; Philmunro; Pokiok Settlement; Ratter Corner; Semiwagan Ridge